The weekly treatment to help take care of heat damaged hair


There is nothing worse than the damage that is brought on by blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. These products may help you gain your desired look, but at the same time they are slowly damaging your hair to the point of no return. The only way to ensure that the heat doesn’t permanently damage your locks is by adding a weekly conditioning treatment that will restore your hair to its ultimate glory. 

The Oscar Blandi Jasmine Smoothing Treatment ($27) is an intensified weekly treatment to strengthen and seal the hair’s cuticles and restore the hair’s quality and beauty. This product is composed of natural extracts of Jasmine, Vitamin E and grapeseed oil so not only will it treat and restore your hair after heat damage, but it also has an amazing smell. To use the treatment, simply apply to shampooed hair and leave in for 15 minutes. Also, for performance enhancement, apply heat with a hot wet bowl under a shower cap and rinse with cold water. Adding this product to your weekly routine can help with breakage and split ends!

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