These eyeshadow primers will ensure all day color

There is nothing more important in the makeup application process than primers. If you want makeup to last all day, your skin needs to be prepped with a primer before application. As a makeup artist I have a go-to primer for my clients, which can be a little more expensive, but I made a point to find price-conscious eyeshadow primers that will work just as well as the expensive stuff. Here are three that I have personally tried and think do an amazing job at retaining color.

First one up, the Nordstrom Gorgeous Cosmetics “iPrime” Eyeshadow Base. Anything with the Nordstrom name is worth giving a try and most likely you won’t be disappointed. This smooth and creamy primer will even your skin tone and soften your skin’s texture for optimal application. Having smooth lids will allow your eyeshadow to settle evenly rather than falling into cracks or drinks. Also, the smooth texture acts as a moisturizer and helps fight dry skin.

Second, the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This primer is probably one of the most known in the beauty industry — and for good reason. It is very rare when a product keeps the promises it makes, but the Primer Potion truly does enhance shadow color , helps it last for 24 hours, and prevents creasing. Another great thing about this product is you have the choice of using the Original color, which will dry clear, or using the colors labeled “Eden”, “Sin”, and “Green”, which are different shades of cream that you can use as shadows or highlighters.

Third is the Too-Faced Shadow Insurance Anit-Crease Eyeshadow Primer. This primer will prevent flaking, creasing and fading color. Its silicone base formula creates an unbreakable bond between your skin and shadow.

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