Tread water: NARS Makeup Removing Water

NARS-Makeup-Removing-Water.jpgThere are few makeup cleansers that we think really do the job adequately. Most purport to take off your makeup easily, but few actually do it. But our new favorite cleanser is definitely NARS Makeup Removing Water.

This cleanser is both soap-free and alcohol-free, so it doesn’t irritate your eyes. You can even take off your eye makeup while you’re still wearing contacts and no irritation or redness will occur! And since it’s water-based, it isn’t greasy at all and makes skin feel smooth and supple after applying.

But what we really love is this cleanser’s ability to remove all makeup in almost no time at all. Even the most stubborn mascara and eyeliner are no match for this cleansing water!

NARS Makeup Removing Water retails for $28 at

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