Treat your skin right while you sleep!

Molton-Brown-Relaxing-Yuan-Zhi-Mist.jpgThe hours we spend sleeping are some of the most important for our skin. It’s the time for our body to repair damage done during our waking hours, and those hours can really make our skin look and feel its best. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for you to put to good use while you sleep.

Use a sleep mist.
If you’re one of those people who just finds it extremely difficult to fall asleep when your head hits the pillow, try a sleep mist. Studies have shown that if you get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night, your skin looks dramatically better … so why not help the process along? We love Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Mist ($38 at, which seriously creates lights out within 15 minutes, tops.

Use a good lip balm.
Prevent chapped, cracked, dry and an otherwise unsightly pout by slicking on a good lip balm before bed. Look for one with Vitamin E, which really works to moisturize the skin, and for one that stays put for over 4 hours. That way, your lips won’t feel too dry when you wake up in the morning.

Drink a glass of water before bed.
The best way to hydrate your skin? Good old-fashioned H20, of course! A glass of water before bed can really start to bring the moisture out from within, giving you a gorgeously glowy appearance.

Wear night cream.
While you should wear moisturizer during the day, too, look for a heavier one to wear while you’re in dreamland. A good night cream erases the damage of the day, making skin firmer and more resilient, and thus easier to face the challenges of daytime hours!

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