Trend or rut? Reese Witherspoon's understated red carpet makeup

reesewitherspoon1_smh.jpgMaybe she wanted to juxtapose the heavy eye makeup she wears in the movie. Maybe she likes to travel light. Or maybe she’s just a very busy mom and new bride. For whatever reason, Reese Witherspoon chose to wear the exact same makeup palette to the red carpet premieres of Water For Elephants in London, Barcelona and Los Angeles.

What’s really kind of interesting to me is that what Reese was wearing seemed to have zero impact on her makeup choices. A stunning off-the-shoulder dress in a deep blue might have looked great with a smoky eye. A black satin gown could have been a nice time to rock a nude lip and a white dress with black lace overlay is screaming for a red lip stain.
Instead, she wears a hint of blue shadow (to bring out her gorgeous eyes no doubt), rosy blush (for that perfect America’s sweetheart look) and a semi-sheer pink lip gloss.


Don’t get us wrong, Reese looks amazing which is why we’re leaning towards ‘trend‘ and not ‘rut‘ on this one. She’s obviously established a signature look that she knows works for her. 
And while it seems like she’d want to step it up for red carpets… isn’t an event where you know you’re going to have your photo taken a hundred times when you’d want to play it safe and wear something that you know works on you? 
This is when it makes sense to use the free makeup services offered at department stores. Go to a brand you’ve used before and that is in your price range and tell them very simply that you want an everyday look that is neutral but personalized to your coloring.

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