Trend report: bold brows

Alexander-Wang-Fall-2011-Bold-Brows.jpgSeen all over the Fall 2011 runways? Bold brows. And, yes, we know it might be a little early to talk about fall, as spring hasn’t even really sprung yet … but we just can’t get enough of this return to full, bold, even bushy brows! Tons of designers showcased the brow on the runway, like Alexander Wang (above). Truth be told, we’re obsessed with the look. Below, some products you can use to fill in even the sparsest of brows.

Brows-Image.jpgBenefit Speed Brow
Worried about keeping brows in place? With a few brushes through the brows with this quick-drying gel, they’ll stay like never before.
$16 at

Anastasia Brow Pen
The queen of all things brows has created a pen that helps to fill in brows, no matter how full or sparse — so you’re sure to have as thick a brow as you could ever hope for.
$21 at

Clinique Brow Shaper
With four different shades to choose from, this powder is certain to quickly and easily make its way into your heart — and onto your brows.
$15 at

Sephora Professionnel Brow Comb
There’s only one instrument we trust when it comes to our brows, and it’s this one. No matter how unruly, they’re snapped into place instantly by the bristles on this brush.
$6 at

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