Trendspotting: bold lips (and the M.A.C lipsticks you can try!)

Trendspotting-Red-Lips-Celebs.jpgThere’s a new trend sweeping the red carpet: bold lips. But rather than just picking a shade of red and calling it a day, celebs are taking some real chances with their lip color.

Take Leigh Lezark, for example. Her lips are such a gorgeously bright shade of red, but what makes them stand out is the matte texture. Try a lipstick like M.A.C Russian Red to get this look.

Hannah Simone, from the new hit show New Girl, took her bold lips in a slightly different direction with a super-glossy shade of orangey-red. You can get the look with a color like M.A.C Lady Danger.

Hannah’s female counterpart from New Girl, the fabulously quirky Zooey Deschanel, went for a darker and creamier red hue recently on the red carpet. We love a lipstick like M.A.C Chili for this look.

What you have to keep in mind, no matter what shade of bold lipstick you go for, is that it must be applied precisely. Use a lipliner in a complementary shade to outline your Cupid’s bow and the line of your lips, and even fill them in a bit with the pencil before going over them with the lipstick. A lip brush will help you apply the color more evenly than slicking it on directly from the tube.

And, above all? Have fun and get noticed!

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