Trendspotting: kooky hair colors

Blondes may have more fun, but recently, the red carpet is teeming with celebs trying out crazy hair colors. Think blue, grey, purple … the kookier the better!

Kelly-Osbourne-Snooki-Crazy-Hair-Color.jpgOn the (we suppose) more normal side, we have Kelly Osbourne and Snooki. Kelly’s recently been sporting grey locks with a purplish pink tinge. And while her updo at the Golden Globes was pretty severe, especially for this color, we do actually like it when she wears her hair down. Snooki, on the other hand, recently debuted Kool Aid red stripes among her raven tresses, which definitely remind us of Rihanna’s love affair with red.

Selena-Gomez-Katy-Perry-Crazy-Hair-Color.jpgCrazier colors come from Disney star Selena Gomez and, what comes as no surprise here, Katy Perry. Selena went the safer route with purple extensions from the Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood, which she tweeted about over the weekend. And after her recent breakup with Russell Brand, Katy, who’s obviously no stranger to kooky hair colors, went for a bright royal blue bob.

What do you think of the kooky hair color trend? We think it’s great to have a little fun–but, so you don’t damage your hair or so you’re not left with a color you hate, try extensions or washout hair color!

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