Trendspotting: long side braids

Bonnie-Wright-Jordin-Sparks-Side-Braids.jpgThe long side braid is making a comeback! This easygoing style is perfect when temperatures heat up and you don’t want to put your hair in another boring ponytail. And, as it’s to be expected, celebs are starting to flock to the style in droves! The latest girls sporting a long side braid are Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley of Harry Potter fame) and Jordin Sparks.

We’re loving both girls’ takes on the trend. Bonnie’s is a bit more polished, and has a girly feel since it’s tied off with a black bow. Jordin’s is a bit messier and mussed up, with tendrils coming out on one side, which is perfect after a day at the beach.

Creating this style is simple–just create a side part, bring all your hair to one side and braid! You don’t even need to French braid, which makes this super easy. Finish with an elastic and voila! Super chic hair in seconds.

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