TRESemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo

FreshStart.jpgWe wanted to love TRESemme’s FreshStart Dry Shampoo. We really did. Five bucks and change for a drugstore dry shampoo that would lend us a helping hand on a busy (or lazy) morning? Yes please! ::sigh:: We were sadly disappointed, however. 

On our first day with the product, our hair was freshly washed, so we coaxed a greasy-haired friend to be our guinea pig. Just as instructed, we shooooook the bottle up, held the nozzle six inches from her scalp and started to spray her roots. Now, just for reference, our friend has thin, straight, highlighted light brown hair that gets oily just by breathing too deeply around it. We went a little crazy on that first application, applying way too much of the FreshStart Dry Shampoo. We had essentially shellacked her head with a wet spray that quickly transformed into a white, powdery mess. “Surely, this is what needs to happen for it to work its magic,” we said, waiting patiently as instructed before brushing and styling as normal. 
After brushing out the powdery residue, her hair was…well…not as greasy, but as dull as unfinished wood. We chalked it up to over-application. 
A few days later, we purposely didn’t wash our own hair (which is straight, semi-thick and oily, and dark), to give this stuff another go (we believe in second chances, after all.) We started at our oily bangs, and moved to the flat, weighed down roots at the back of our head. Following instructions, and applying a more appropriate amount this time, we noticed the white powder build-up again. Though the clay in the product is to cause for this, we assumed it was soaking up the second-day oil. Well, long story short, our hair wasn’t as greasy, but it definitely wasn’t fresh, and the cheap suede texture FreshStart left in our locks was pretty icky. We’d give it a 4/10 if we had to rate it, even for the price. Honestly, we prefer cornstarch-based baby powder for a quick oil touchup (soaks up some oil, without the nasty residue and texture), or the pricier (but more effective) Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo for $11 (1 ounce) or $19 (2.5 ounces).

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