Turn up the wattage with Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set

Long gone are the days of boring flat nail polish colors! Manicures have taken a turn to the creative and I am digging it. When I saw Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set I knew I had stumbled upon something fun and unique that would rock the nail world. Each base color coat is packed with ingredients that cause it to absorb UV rays so that they glow at night … yes that’s right, these babies GLOW! The consensus seems to be that without the UV top coat (what makes them glow) this manicure set delivers a beautiful high-shine glossy finish in bright and fun shades — the UV coat takes away some of the luster of the polish, but the effect is pretty cool if you’re the clubbing type!
You can buy Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set for $25 at sephora.com.

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