Votre Vu Duetto

Ok, so we JUST wrote about Votre Vu the other day, but the products are so great that we’re mentioning them again. This time, we can’t stop raving about Duetto.

duetto.jpgDuetto is an awesome two-in-one product— one part luxe lip balm to one part rich hand cream.

The balm is light yet deeply nourishing, and makes your lips super soft. It’s made from coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, protects with UV filters, and is lightly flavored with coconut. Yum! There’s also a mini-mirror in the lid for easy application.

The hand cream is a concentrated version of their wildly popular Tarte D’Amande body cream, which smells like almond pie and gives you the softest hands ever. Seriously, like silk. The richly moisturizing formula is made of sunflower, grapeseed, and jojoba, combined with aloe to soothe and UV filters for ultimate in anti-aging protection.

The coolest part (as if you weren’t sold already) is the genius packaging. The double lid design allows you to nourish lips and hands with little effort. Flip the top portion for lips, and the middle for hands.

x2_1263f7e.jpgDuetto is so amazing that we need two at all times- one on the nightstand, and one in our bag. We are officially addicted!

$38.00, VotreVu.com    

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