Wavy hair diaries: Renpure Organics 'i love my hair!' conditioner


A few weeks ago, I ran out of conditioner so I used a trick I came up for when you’re already in the shower and realize the conditioner bottle is empty: fill the bottle 1/3 full with water, close the cap and shake. You end up with a milky rinse with just enough conditioner in it to get the job done. Later in the week, having just started this column and needing to pick up a bottle of grocery store conditioner to last me until my next salon visit, I decided to try something new.
Enter Renpure Organics ‘i love my hair!’ Body and Shine Conditioner with green tea, chamomile and sunflower oil. Yes, I bought just the conditioner. And yes, I kind of liked it for the following reasons:
1. It has 100% organic ingredients
2. It was on sale because it was a “new item!”
3. It didn’t change my hair. Didn’t make it better, didn’t make it worse. I’m okay with this.
Read more about the products at renpure.com

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