We want it just for the packaging: Marc Jacobs DOT

Marc-Jacobs-DOT.jpgDon’t get us wrong–we love fragrances that actually smell good. But in the case of Marc Jacobs DOT, Marc’s newest eponymous fragrance, we’d be willing to overlook the scent just because the bottle is so darn cute! (Luckily, the scent is fantastic, too.)

Oversized black polka dots upon a bright red base give the illusion of a ladybug, while the top is crafted to look like a beautiful butterfly. The overall effect is one of fun, whimsy and pure joy! And, in case you weren’t aware, polka dots have been a major theme for Mister Marc Jacobs for years, so it’s fitting that they appear here.

And, just in case you actually buy perfumes based on scent and not the bottles they come in, we think you’ll be pleased to know the notes here are divine! Red berries, dragonfruit, honeysuckle, jasmine, coconut water, orange blossom, vanilla, driftwood and musk combine to create a scent that’s energetic and chic.

Marc Jacobs DOT retails for $69-$89 at neimanmarcus.com.

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