What a difference a day makes in Amanda Seyfried's look

amanda-seyfried-080713.jpgWhile Amanda Seyfried is out doing red carpet promotions for her new movie, Lovelace, she is apparently testing out new looks. On Aug. 4 (pictured left) she hit Las Vegas and went with a bold, deep red lip color and slightly subdued eye look. The strong lip paired with her light locks and white ensemble looked a bit garish against her fair skin, but hey she was in Sin City after all! Then on Aug. 5 (pictured right) she stepped out in Los Angeles with a more subtle, barely noticeable lip color that was in stark contrast to yesterday’s can’t-miss-it color. This time, the emphasis was clearly on her eyes, as she went for a deep, smoky eye look and pulled her hair back in a high chignon that created a more dramatic effect to her look. 
Personally I preferred her in the more natural lip with the darker eye … what about you? Post a comment and share which version of Amanda Seyfried’s look you preferred.

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