You're a star: Stila Starfruit Lip Glaze

Stila-Starfruit-Lip-Glaze-Big-Image.jpgI’ve tried a lot of lip products in my day. A LOT. But the one I keep coming back to, month after month and year after year? Stila Starfruit Lip Glaze.

Now, a lot of people think this lipgloss is too sticky. And, yes, I agree that it can be. But I choose not to let that bother me, because the color is just that good. The coral hue shimmers and shines whether it’s on its own or other another gloss or lipstick. It’s sexy and sensual but still girly and cute–the perfect combination, wouldn’t you agree?

At the end of the day, I just feel happy when I wear it. And, really, isn’t that what makeup is all about?

Stila Starfruit Lip Glaze retails for $22 at

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