Yume Blush whipped cream chiffon

yume-blush.jpgVery rarely is there a product that can be used head to toe. Which is why we were very impressed with Yume Blush’s whipped body cream chiffons. They are 100% botanical and vegan, making them edible, natural and chemical-free. We tried a handful of the seven flavors, including coconut lime (our favorite), apple raspberry and lavender honey. 

The dense, yet airy body chiffon warmed up with our own body heat, melting deliciously into the consistency of a massage oil – though it leaves no greasy, slick-like residue. We also scooped up a finger tip full and used it as a rich body butter. Though, we must say, that our favorite application was as a thin, tasty and very moisturizing lip balm. 

Best of all (because who doesn’t love free samples?), with every purchase, you get four 1/2 ounce jars in any flavor of your choice. These little jars work perfectly for throwing into your bag, and using on your lips, cuticles or hands.  $30, Yumeblush.com

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