Yummalicious: ME! Bath Choco-holic Shower Sherbet

ME-Bath-Chocoholic-Shower-Sherbet.jpgOnce in awhile, we come across a product that smells so good, we really wish we could eat it. But in the case of ME! Bath Choco-holic Shower Sherbet, it’s seriously difficult for us not to scarf it down.

This body scrub seriously smells exactly like chocolate. EXACTLY. If it smelled any more like chocolate, it would replace Hershey’s Kisses as our favorite chocolate snack. Except, then, we think we might not feel too good.

All that aside, this scrub not only smells delicious but comes in the cutest oversized tub. Add to that the fact that a dime-sized amount makes our skin look and feel flawless and we’re smitten.

ME! Bath Choco-holic Shower Sherbet retails for $30 at mebath.com.

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