What was she thinking? Clémence Poésy suits up for Chanel's show

Clemence-Poesy-Chanel-Fall-2013-Couture-Show-Paris-July-2013.jpgEven though Clémence is not as well known as her Harry Potter co-stars, the French actress has become a bona fide fashion maven. She almost always takes risks, which frequently pay off, but every so often the star experiences a style misstep. Take this tuxedo-inspired Chanel bouclé jacket and skirt set she selected for the fashion house’s recent Fall 2013 Couture show in Paris. The Spring 2013 Couture ensemble’s masculine twist on the brand’s classic suit definitely worked better on the runway, especially taking into consideration Clémence’s bland styling efforts involving a gray clutch and black ankle strap platform pumps.

Risk-takers like Clémence are always a welcome sight on the red carpet and in the front row despite the occasional faux pas. It’s certainly clear, though, that her structured Chanel look is one of those rare risks that didn’t translate. What are your thoughts on the star’s somewhat androgynous attire?


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