What was she thinking? Jennifer Aniston's short-sighted look

Jennifer-Aniston-Call-Me-Crazy-A-Five-Film-World-Premiere-West-Hollywood-April-2013.jpgJennifer is one of those celebs who never really takes a fashion risk. So, we have to give her a bit of credit for stepping slightly out of her comfort zone with this Christian Dior tuxedo-style bustier and shorts combination at the premiere of Call Me Crazy: A Five Film in West Hollywood. Unfortunately, her Spring 2013 ensemble casts a very unflattering silhouette and the red carpet for a project she executive produced probably wasn’t the best time to break out this strapless short suit. There’s also the disappointing fact that she’s back in black instead of opting for a brighter hue. Even her dynamic accessories, including a gold-accented Tom Ford clutch and black Jimmy Choo Anouk pumps, couldn’t save this ill-advised outfit. We can’t help longing for Jennifer to take some style cues from her former Friends character because at least Rachel made a few bold choices, especially while working at Ralph Lauren.

What do you think of Jennifer’s most recent red carpet look?


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