Who wore it best? ASOS T-shirt dress


This intensely printed piece by ASOS isn’t the easiest dress to style. Within the course of one week, however, two celebs attempted to wear the graphic creation, which also features a colorful collar. Kourtney Kardashian was spotted in the complex dress at Wacko in West Hollywood earlier this month. The reality star added in a pair of Saint Laurent Paris metallic leather ankle strap pumps and oversized shades. Less than a week later, Pia Toscano also opted for the optically engaging dress at the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone launch party in Los Angeles. Black ankle strap pumps rounded out her red carpet look.

We don’t know how truly wearable this dress is in the real world, but think Kourtney’s overall presentation triumphs over Pia’s look due to those equally eye-catching accessories.

Kourtney Kardashian photo via Fanpop.com


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