Be free: leave your worries behind

Short of fantasizing about jetting off to some tropical paradise whenever the mood strikes, I’m not exactly guilty of indulging in too much me time. Like so many women, being extra busy and on the go is just a natural part of my routine. The chaos, the hustle, the insane bustle – I relish it in much the same way I anticipate the launch of a new fragrance or lipstick.


Yet I’m also well aware of the health risks – both physical and emotional – involved with being too “turned on” to everything, from technology to work to family responsibilities. I’ve recently realized just how important it is to partake in the aforementioned me time without worrying about every commitment on my agenda. And it’s not that I didn’t enjoy a little pampering before – I’m such a spa junkie I can fire off a litany of treatments at local establishments and the reasons why they’re worth every penny.

But not every indulgence should require a credit card and a drive into the city. I’ve become more than attuned to the practice of letting go without a care in the world right in the comfort of my own home. Though nothing I do can quite top the luxurious feel of a professional shampoo and a great color job, I can be just as gluttonous about skin and body care at home as the pros are at the spa. So, to wit, my favorite let-it-all-go-forget-everyone-and-everything tactic: transform my bathroom into a mini-spa.

This metamorphosis from “just another room in the house” to “most relaxing room in the house” is only possible if I take a technology break. Turning off the cell phone and laptop is practically the new secret to preserving sanity these days, anyway. With the electronics stowed away, I’m free to go crazy with all manner of beauty products: deliciously scented face and body scrubs, botanical face masks, hydrating hair care…the list is endless, which may explain why my bathroom often resembles an impressively stocked apothecary.

What I use, though, is ultimately not as important as the end result: a more relaxed, de-stressed me. Even the simple act of testing out a new product for the first time, sloughing away dead skin, or slathering on a nourishing hair mask is enough to whisk me away to another world – even if only for a few minutes.

The key isn’t even so much that it just feels good to unwind, but that it’s literally good for the mind. That I have the ability to permit myself this downtime is a psychological boost in itself, but there are also a few other reasons to embrace an at-home spa routine: it decreases anxiety and gives me something to look forward to when I’m especially stressed out. There are always going to be unavoidable concerns in life, but putting them on hold for a while (excuse the pun, but don’t worry – your worries can wait) is an incredible way to clear the mind.

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