Get glasses crafted for you with LensCrafters new AccuFit Digital Measurement System


A great pair of glasses not only lets you see the world more clearly, it can also enhance your look and help project your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic frame or something modern and edgy, we can all agree on one thing: improving our eyesight is goal #1. Which is why I was so intrigued to learn about the new AccuFit™ Digital Measurement System at LensCrafters .

AccuFit helps narrow your frame choice, find the right lens, and fits the lens with 5x more precise measurements than traditional methods. The technology measures the relationship between your eyes, face, and frame to more accurately place your prescription in your lenses for clear, crisp vision. Even better, it’s completely free.

Another feature that I love is the VirtualMirror which takes digital images from various angles as you try on frames. I always bring someone with me when shopping for new frames since it’s so hard to get an accurate view, but this allows shoppers to easily view themselves in their favorite frames. Genius!

Check out for a quick video that demonstrates AccuFit, and find out more on their Facebook page. Don’t be surprised to find yourself running to the nearest LensCrafters store to get your perfectly fitted glasses.

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LensCrafters offers a clearly different optical experience by helping you find your perfect pair of eyeglasses that allows you to see 5x clearer.

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