Tide HE with a Touch of Downy makes doing laundry enjoyable


As someone with sensitive skin, I usually find myself erring on safety’s side and reaching for unscented products. It’s a smart move, of course, but it’s kind of…well, boring. Everything from my body lotion to my hand soap is typically either unscented or mildly scented. Even though I constantly yearn to try the newest cool fragrance on the shelf, I resist for the sake of my skin.

So imagine my delight when I took the myTide selector quiz and learned that the best suggested product for my lifestyle was Tide HE plus a Touch of Downy. That laundry-fresh scent is one I’ve always loved – it’s just so clean, warm and cozy all at once. Of course I ran right out and bought a bottle of the stuff so I could give it a try. Its promise: super softness, visible cleanliness and an addictive April Fresh fragrance.

I did a test wash with a couple of garments just to be safe, including a pair of pants with a wine stain (oops!) and a stretchy jersey shirt. Both came out perfectly: spotless, the wine stain a distant memory and my white top somehow as flawless as the day I purchased it. The addition of Downy left both pieces noticeably softer than they would be otherwise, and I loved the slightly powdery scent, reminiscent of a pile of freshly laundered towels. It was just fragrant enough to be noticeable, but not so much so that I felt overwhelmed – and, thankfully, it didn’t irritate my skin in the least.

Color me – and my laundry – impressed! It’s always exciting to add a new item to my arsenal – one that works, won’t break the bank and actually kind of makes me look forward to doing laundry. That little impossibility alone makes it worth the purchase!

If you’ve always been a bit anti-chore and need a little encouragement like I did, try the myTide selector quiz for yourself. You could end up with a holy grail laundry detergent of your own.

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From dingy whites to tough stains, Tide has a cleaning solution designed for any laundry needs. Need to eliminate odors from active wear? Looking for a solution that’s free of dyes and perfumes? Tide has a product to fit any lifestyle. Find out what Tide is right for you with the MyTide Selector

Image: Maegan Tintari

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