80%20 shoes now have an online shop!

We’ve loved 80%20 shoes forever, so we were clearly excited when we found out that the brand had launched its own web shop at the end of last month. Previously we had to scour the internet for sites with limited selections, but now we can shop the entire line conveniently at 8020nyc.com
80%20 is a footwear brand with a simple philosophy: we tend to wear our favorite 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. So true, right? Based on this philosophy, designer Ce Ce Chin creates shoes that will fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your aspirations. The spring 2011 collection was inspired by “surfers in the city” and includes baja fabrics, relaxed-wash canvas, tie dye leather, and braided boho straps. Perfection!8020webshopthumb.jpg

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