A lesson in silk from eco-chic apparel line Amour Vert

IMG_2550Look9__94543_zoom.jpgWhat differentiates one silk piece from another? San Francisco-based eco-chic apparel line Amour Vert‘s goal is to educate consumers on this topic. Designer Linda Balti uses “Peace Silk,” a more ethical silk than many brands are using today.

Peace Silk is cultivated by certified local farmers overseas, and does not harm the silkworm after it has spun its cocoon, unlike with traditional silk, where the silkworm is boiled or gassed. During the Peace Silk process, the cocoon is spun onto spools, producing a warm and soft fabric. 
This fabric is not only ethical, it is relatively affordable. Amour Vert’s silk collection is priced under $200 for office-ready attire and elegant dresses. Shop more looks at shop-amourvert.com.
Shown: Amour Vert Claire Emerald Washed Peace Silk Dress, $159


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