A unique boutique, based in Pittsburgh

insight51_decade_boutique_pittsburgh_fashion.jpgWhen one thinks about Pittsburgh, they typically don’t associate the city with up and coming fashion labels. But while scoping out the style scene in the neighborhood this weekend, we found a boutique called Decade on the South Side, filled with cool lines that aren’t stocked in many places. The store’s owner, Steve Ford, originally worked in Los Angeles for Worn Free (a company that reproduces original tees famously worn by rock legends) but it was always his dream to return to his hometown of Pittsburgh and open a unique store.

One of the lines that caught our eye was Australia-based Insight 51. Inspired by surfing, skating, and street art, the lifestyle collection is laid back with slightly edgy pieces. Decades doesn’t have online shopping yet (although you can phone in an order, and if you’re ever in the area we recommend checking it out), but we found more photos of clothing from Insight 51’s website. Click here for a list of stores that carry Insight 51!

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