A new outlet for emerging designers launches: Fabricly.com

ohvsfabricly2.pngWe’ve raved about sites like Etsy, Accessory Artists, and Smashing Darling, but the newest website satisfying our indie fashion fix is Fabricly.com. What makes this site different from the rest, you say? Well first of all, they offer complete support for the designers they feature: sourcing, production, sample-making, and even public relations and marketing! All of this costs nothing for the designers, meaning that amazing, cutting-edge brands we might never see will now be available. That includes foreign lines with limited US exposure, designers without the means to show at fashion week, and indie labels that have yet to be discovered. Right now the site only stocks the covetable Oh! vs. Fabricly collection by London-based designer Ostwald Helgason. But site founder Ari Helgason told Fashionista that we can expect a collection with former Barlow designer Molly Girard Coonan in the near future, and accessories and menswear eventually. We can’t wait!

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