Interview: shoe designer Kristina Kozak

People often refer to fashion as “wearable art,” but Massachusetts-based designer Kristina Kozak‘s shoes certainly define this phrase. After discovering her chic creations online, we chatted with the emerging shoe aficionado about her collection and what inspires her.

SB: What inspired you to launch your own shoe line? 

KK: Well, I’ve been interested in shoes since I can remember and I had always dreamt of
designing my own but I never knew it was actually possible. After I worked at Louis
Boston, where I was exposed to beautiful, almost art-like footwear and clothing, I
knew I had to find a way to design and make my own shoes. So I found a class in
New York City with teacher, Emily Putterman. Every weekend I would travel to take
classes. She taught me everything there is to know. Originally it was just for fun but
after I made my first pair I was hooked. I knew this was what I wanted to do. That
was in 2004 and I’ve been designing ever since.

SB: Well your latest designs are certainly eye-catching. What can you tell me about the latest collection?

KK: For this Spring/Summer season you’ll find my signature fun, quirky designs. The
collection features a mix of high heels, kitten heels, and ballet flats in a variety
of bold black and white patterns, neutral tones and earthy metallics, crystal and
grommet embellishments, bow ties, and beautiful textured python leathers.

SB: Very chic. And how are your shoes made? 

KK: I felt it was important to combine my designs with the finest quality materials and
meticulous craftsmanship. That’s why I chose to produce in Italy, home to the best
tanneries and raw materials, as well as components, accessories, and shoe making
machinery. There my shoes are hand crafted by a family operated factory located
in the shoe-making region. These skilled craftsmen use the same shoemaking
traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation, they have
perfected the art of making shoes, as well as the ability to translate modern ideas
into reality.

SB: And what can we expect from you next season? More funky, unique styles I hope!
KK: More of the same! The Fall/Winter collection was designed with the same
quirkiness and whimsy as my S/S season. This collection will also feature a variety
of different styles such as the knee high boots in soft buttery black leather as well as
bold patent leather; a dreamy 80’s inspired black and white striped pump with a big
bow on the heel; and a bejeweled metallic d’Orsay glittering with colorful crystals.
Kristina Kozak shoes are available online at and in select boutiques.kristinakozak_thumb.jpg

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