Jewelry designer spotlight: Sarah Richey

The inspiration behind a collection is one of the most interesting aspects of fashion. So when we recently chatted with up-and-coming NYC jewelry designer Sarah Richey we made sure we learned all about the inspiration behind her line, Ethereal. Richey describes herself as “an artist and storyteller intricately weaving nature’s elegance into wearable statement pieces.” And you can certainly see the influence of nature in her handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces. To get inspired, Richey often heads to the Museum of Natural History, spends time in the park, or visits her family’s farm in Tennessee. It was as a child growing up on said farm that her father showed her how to collect antler tips shed by deer, which she still uses in her pieces today. While browsing the collection you might spot a shark tooth gathered from the beach near her grandparents’ home, the mold of a coral branch, or a branch twig from Central Park. 


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