Neutral Clothes That Are Anything But Boring

by Stacy Cox

Have you ever had that dream (or nightmare) in which everyone is dressed but you? People (in the dream) are starting to stare and you’re frantically searching for something to wear: a Gap tunic, Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, anything Michelle Obama has worn would be perfect to resolve this bizarre dilemma. Then you wake up, realize it was only a dream and that you need to do more sit-ups and squats, and then promise yourself to bring this one up in therapy.

This leads me to my fascination with this season’s nude fashion trend. Not only are the neutral shades appealing to me, but the clothes tend to be very linear, symmetrical and modern looking which is something my closet is light on. I can barely cram another thing in my closet, but these new frocks will be so minimalist in form, perhaps they won’t take up much space. Don’t you just love my reasoning? It’s as nutty as my dreams.

The Loeffler Randall dress, admittedly, is a little pricey, but its simplicity guarantees it’s something you will wear for seasons to come. And the affordable clutch from Target helps to balance out the cost a bit!

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