New York Fashion Week Fall 2013: Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Rachel Zoe, J. Crew

New York Fashion Week coverage provided by The Fashion Spot

New York Fashion Week continues! Here are highlights from 4 of the best shows of the past day.



Kors showed a stellar lineup that fused sportswear with glamour. Done in an electric color palette that melded neon orange, taxicab yellow and royal blue with black, white, olive and charcoal, the designer also showed various iterations of camo and houndstooth. Standouts were a cinched at the waist houndstood cape jacket, black piped separates, molten leather bustier cocktail dresses and the designer’s 80s-tinged eveningwear that featured fitted neutral-toned bodices paired with brightly hued elongated-at-the-back peplums.

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John Galliano may not have taken a bow at the Oscar de la Renta show (though some claim they saw him peek his head out), his influence as a “designer in residence” was clearly felt. There was much to love in the Fall 2013 collection, but it was not a cohesive lineup. In fact, Galliano’s influence was so clearly felt that it almost seemed as though there were two collections put together. Hooded cape coats, elongated cloche hats, lace dresses and languidly dramatic gowns were so clearly Galliano, while the classic daywear, floral embroidered and beaded dresses and brightly colored ballgowns were pure de la Renta.

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Rachel Zoe gave her 70s-inspired looks an equestrian twist this season with a collection that was more structured than ever. Heavy on leather and suede, Fall 2013 opened with a series of sharply tailored pieces including slender pants, tightly fitted blazers, molten tops, three-piece suits and riding boots done mostly in a brown palette. The lineup then progressed into black, jewel tones and prints fashioned into a variety of minimally embellished pieces making for a wearable mix of closet staple looks.

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There was much to love in J. Crew’s Fall 2013 collection, but as usual, what impressed the most was the styling. Elevating wearable closet staples into fashion-forward looks, the lineup included unexpected pairings like rusty red leather gloves worn over a crisp white blouse, or tweed worn with leopard and florals, or better yet, embroidery mixed with patterns mixed with textured fabrics.

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