1 Piece 3 Ways: Colorful Tie Neck Top

By Daisy Lewellyn

The key to cultivating a successful recession proof wardrobe is learning to get the most from what you own by shopping for items that can be worn many different ways. Here we show you how a colorful, yet simple tie-neck blouse can be worn three different ways:

Boogie Nights:
This cheap chic retro 3 piece suit paired with ’70s-inspired accessories evokes style icon Ali McGraw. Transform your drab days into Love Story nights.

Sequined Crochet Net Beret $6 – Forever 21

Blu Bijoux Red Mixed Media Stackable Bangle Bracelets $45 – Max & Chloe

The Stepford Wife
Pink and kelly green are a perfect marriage for new spring afternoons. Beauty inspiration should be simple and soft with voluminous curls or a beautifully toussled chignon, perfectly polished off with a soft bloomed rose. Accessories are key in this look, very luxe for less.

Edie Sedgewick Goes Downtown
Party like a rockstar with sexy fitted jeans and your soft easy Parker top. Funky shoes with a bright band will survive the night with a thick, well supported heel. Oversized bag for all of your essentials – and the bigger the bag, the skinnier you look!

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  • Rene Lewellyn

    How fun! Can’t wait to get mixing and matching.

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