10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Really Are Last Minute


Still have a few names to cross off your holiday list? Don’t fret, we’ve got some great last-minute gift ideas you can pull together in minutes:

Image_IG.jpg1. American Express Gift Cards
You may not know that many store gift cards lose value over time or expire within a year. Rather than risk giving a gift card for a specific store, American Express has eliminated all monthly fees so gift cards never lose their value. Even better, friends and family can use their card virtually everywhere American Express Cards are welcomed including restaurants, stores and more. Choose a seasonal themed card or personalize your gift card with a photo of someone special. Gift amounts start at $25.

2. iTunes Gift Certificate
In a rush? Give an iTunes gift certificate which can be used to download music, movies, games, TV shows and more. You can either email the gift certificate or download one and print it from your home computer. Denominations start at $10.

3. e-SuperCertificate®
One SuperCertificate® can be exchanged for original gift cards from hundreds of your recipients’ favorite stores, spas, restaurants, theaters and hotels available on giftcertificates.com. And it never expires! Denominations start at $5 and can be emailed or printed out.

4. Movie Theater Gift Cards
Head to your local movie theater chain and pick up some gift cards. Wrap it up with a pack of Twizzlers (or other movie theater candy) for a welcomed gift you put together in no time.

stylewatch.jpeg 5. Magazine Gift Subscription

Didn’t plan ahead? No worries. Buy the latest newsstand copy of your recipient’s favorite magazine, mail in the subscription card to sign them up and let them know that future issues are on their way. Or, order a subscription at magazines.com and they’ll automatically notify the recipient via postcard, e-card or print your own announcement at home.

6. Mixed CD
Create a mix of your favorite music, burn it on a CD and create a clever label using your computer and color printer. Wrap it up and give one to all of your friends. (Hint: skip the holiday music and focus on songs you think the person will like that they may not be familiar with, they may discover some new favorites!)

7. Gift Certificate For Mani/Pedi, Massage or Facial
Don’t know which salon they like to go to? No problem! A Spa Finder gift certificate is redeemable at over 5000 participating spas worldwide for spa treatments, vacation experiences, spa products, and more. Order one at the last minute and send a free e-card letting them know their gift is on the way. Denominations start at $50.

8. Grocery Store Bundle
Short on time? Next time you’re at the grocery store, put together a creative gift they’ll really appreciate with items found in the store. Idea #1: package your famous muffin recipe with all the dry ingredients required to make it and pack it up with a colorful mixing bowl and muffin tin. Wrap it all up in cellophane and a ribbon. Idea #2: Find one of those colorful metal colanders and fill it with pasta, sauce and fresh parmesan cheese for an instant pasta dinner.

9. Drugstore Bundle200.JPG
Head to your local drugstore and put together the ultimate drugstore beauty kit: pick out a cute cosmetic case, fill it up with Maybelline Mascara and L’Oreal lip gloss – two beauty editor favorites. Add in some makeup sponges and a travel mirror and you’ve got a great little cosmetic kit to give to your girlfriends. (Check here for some of our favorite drugstore beauty products)

10 . Lottery Scratch Tickets
Everyone dreams of winning so why not give them the chance to be an instant millionaire? Tie a few “scratchies” up with a ribbon and a good luck wish.

Note: This feature was adapted from a previous feature

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