911 For Fashion Emergencies

These problem-solving fashion fixers are ready to assist with your next wardrobe malfunction:


Problem: the waist of your pants gaps when you sit down

We all have those pants that are a pinch too big in the waist that we don’t want to alter. A traditional belt is often not a solution since it adds unsightly bulges. Enter the Invisibelt, a virtually undetectable belt with a flat, clear and smooth finish that offers support and an instant slimming effect without the problematic belt buckle bulge. It’s also ideal for those pants (especially jeans) which start out snug and stretch out over the course of a day. A bra-like adjuster makes it a cinch to adjust to your size.

$20 at barenecessities.com

Zakkerz Temporary Pant Rollup

packorigblk_hlf.jpg Problem: the hem of your pants is too long for your shoes

If you’re one of those women who walk to work or like to take a stroll during your lunch break, then you’ll appreciate the genius of this inventive product. Zakkerz are sturdy magnetic strips that allow you to temporarily shorten your pants to keep them from dragging through puddles, street dirt and snow. Just switch your heels for a comfortable walking shoe, roll up your pants with Zakkerz and you’re ready to go.

$24 for set of 4 at zakkerz.com

The Winkee Cleavage Cover

Problem: low cut top shows off too much cleavage

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to cleavage at the office. The Winkee is the smartest solution we’ve come across for covering up plunging necklines. This innovative, lightweight (and pretty!) bra accessory gives you complete coverage control by attaching to any bra. Available in several colors and fabrics, there’s one to complement anything in your wardrobe so you’ll never have to worry about overexposure again.

$15 – $16 each at thewinkee.com

Bosom Button

toonfront.jpg Problem: low cut top shows off too much cleavage

We’ve all been there: using safety pins or strategically placed double stick tape to keep a button down or low cut wrap dress closed enough to avoid cleavage overexposure. Instead of wasting time trying to keep your fixes hidden, try the new Bosom Button. Made of a single Swarovski crystal or gem, these buttons are meant to be seen. Just pierce through your clothing in just the right spot and your top will stay closed all day.

$12 and up at bosombutton.com

Smart Heel Heel Protectors

Problem: you’re always digging your delicate heels

There’s nothing worse than wearing a favorite pair of splurge-worthy shoes only to destroy the delicate heel in the crack of a sidewalk moments after stepping outside. Even the finest repair shop can never fully return your precious pumps to their former glory. If this sounds all too familiar, then the Smart Heel is for you. Just slip it on before you leave the house to prevent tears, scratches and nicks, then pop it off when you reach your destination. Available in clear and black for several different heel shapes.

$8.95 at smartheel.com

Pants Stay Put

Problem: the hem of your pants gets caught in your heels

Don’t you hate when the hem of your pants gets caught in the heels of your shoes when you walk? The smart folks at Pants Stay Put have invented a solution to this pesky fashion emergency: an accessory that helps pants stay neat using an easy iron-on “stick” system.

$19 at pantsstayput.com

  • Dianne

    years ago I saw a fashion fixer fin a magazine – it was a satin opposite of an extender. It had a clasp on either end and worked as a cincher to make blousy tops fit better. I have lost weight and want to wear some tops I love and I think this product willbe just the thing. Do you have any idea where I can buy them?

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