A practical guide to spring's abundance of florals

by Stacy Cox

Designers have spoken this spring (and I’m always on the edge of my seat listening and ready to adapt their vision to my frame) and floral is the word on the street. Florals… that pretty spring trend that “crops” up every year, just like schoolgirl plaids every fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers: gardenias, roses, lilies, you name it (and I will keep naming them just in case my boyfriend is reading this!) In a vase or basket preferably, but splashed across my rear end and cleavage is quite another thing. How much fashion flower power, if you will, is the right dose and how much is overkill? Let’s “tip toe through the tulips” together and take a look at what’s “flower-ific” and what could possibly make me look like a lifesize bouquet strutting down the street.


Florals, you either love them or hate them, and if you happen to hate them, you have to pause a moment to ask the all important question, “What in heavens was the designer thinking?” That question is summed up by my selections on the left side of my layout. It’s funny how Ms. Turk gets it all WRONG with the floral riot jumper BUT redeems herself on the right of my layout with the floral Kiki dress. And Gap really does a great job with the twist neck dress which you could dress up with mini boots, or down with a pair of Converse. Finally, the French Connection clutch is perfect when you want to add just a dose of flower power to your look.

Sometimes just a touch of floral is all you need. You gotta love the English Rain Boots below, they really are sweet. And the Topshop Floral Bubble Skirt paired with the boyfriend blazer and pumps reminds me of a look Gwyneth Paltrow or Leighton Meester might wear on the red carpet. I tried to pull pieces that don’t overstate the floral trend, but are just enough to say, “hey check me out, I know my florals from my FLORALS!”

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