An Excess of Accessories

By Stacy Cox

When I was 15, I had a thing for white Keds and thick white slouchy socks. The socks took forever to dry when my mom washed them because they were so dense, and what in the world was I thinking with that fashion statement? It made my calves look so puffy and unfeminine, which might explain why I had no date to fall formal! Of course, my hair cut long in the back and feathered wings in the front may also have contributed to the problem. In my 20s, I was addicted to Coach bags. I had so many feeding trough-shaped purses, I could have opened my own petting zoo with animals eating out of Coach handbags! Now, here I am in my mid-thirties and my affection for accessories, the details that stylize an outfit, have yet to wane. I have phased through the slouchy socks and Coach Bags and moved ever onward… this season intrigued by accessories from Tory Burch and L.A.M.B.

Recently, I was given a “thank you” from a company I worked with via a $100 gift certificate to Next to sex or a nonfat perfectly warmed vanilla milk from Coffee Bean, it doesn’t get better than that. But here’s my dilemma: $100 at ShopBop is just a starting point. I have been browsing the site for the last two days trying to find the accessory that screams “pick me” but most of the stuff I like will run me an additional $150 minimum (from the sale section). Isn’t that nutty? So, in essence, these gift certificates end up being a trap for me and become the springboard that gets me to spend more money. Our government says we need to infuse money into our economy to help revive it, so that’s the rationale I am going with. Dear readers, I hope you will take a moment to assist me in this shopping quest and chime in regarding which of the following is my best investment. And hopefully, in the process, you will find something perfect for you too.


Juicy Couture HRH Watch, $136.50 (sale) at

Turquoise bracelet meets hip time piece.


Report Signature Shoes Toluca Open Toe Pumps, $175 at

Despite already owning several pairs of black pumps, the material looks stretchy which indicates that these pumps could be especially comfy (or as comfy as a 4-inch heel can be!)


L.A.M.B. Busby Cross Body Bag, $245 at

I would have to cough up an additional $145, but this bag is great with sportswear, jeans and perfect for traveling this summer.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Side Bar Aviators, $95 at

For those days when I don’t feel like sporting any eye makeup, no one will ever take notice if I’m wearing these bad boys.


Juicy Couture Straw Fedora, $65 at

Perfect for a “BHD” (bad hair day)


Lee Angel Jewelry Anik Drop Earrings, $96.60 (sale) at

A little retro and a lot sophisticated, I love the pretty color AND it’s under $100!


Alex and Ani Russian Silver Expandable Bangle Set, $78 at

Low key bling can never be considered a fashion “don’t”.


Barron Duquette Square Zebra Scarf, $295 at

I know I am reaching here. What do you think, a little too much?


MARC BY MARC JACOBS Miss Marc Tote, $300 at

Then for my grand finale, I could save the gift certificate for another day and opt for this fun and irreverent spin on the summer beach bag – it even comes packed with a towel, hat and flip flops…


Kimchi Blue Tie Dye Clutch, $68 at

… or this clutch which is the essence of summer for a reasonable price point!

  • FJt

    You gotta love a gift cert! Congrats! Here’s my opinion: since you’re in your 30s like I am, forget anything Juicy Couture, forget that Miss Marc Tote and go for the L.A.M.B. handbag or the Marc aviators!

  • Sue

    I’m loving the L.A.M.B. cross-body bag and the Report shoes. I think both of them are the most unique choices from the shopbop website, and both are very chic and on-trend. I’m also digging the orange clutch from Urban! I might have to check that one out for myself. Good luck with your decision.

  • Carole

    Tying for first place are the L.A.M.B. bag, and the clutch from Urban Outfitters. The Lee Angel earrings from ShopBop. are a close second.

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