Coachella trendspotting: flower crowns

We all know the Coachella trends: floral boho dresses, hats, short shorts, crop tops, hippie-inspired looks…but this weekend at the festival there was one trend that really stood out: the flower crown. A perfect complement to the typical festival uniform, floral halos were seen everywhere at Coachella.

Not just a Coachella trend, we’ve seen plenty of celebrities wearing flower crowns paired with their designer duds on the red carpet as of late. One such fan is the lovely Emmy Rossum who has been seen wearing a flower crown on numerous occasions.

Ready to try out the look yourself? You can of course DIY your own flower crown if you’re feeling ambitious, or you can shop Etsy for a number of different styles. And be sure to check out this tutorial from Elle to find out how to wear a floral crown without looking like a Coachella fail.

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