Climate Control Clothing

by Daisy Lewellyn

Dressing for the weather in trends designed for opposing climates is always tricky. Resort is a wonderful season filled with color, tunics, swimsuits, and sandals. But how are you to sport these trends if you are in below zero weather and not planning a trip to the tropics? On the other side of the map are the gals like me who consider cold to be anything under 60 degrees. But, oh, how I adore a good fall boot and chunky knit. What’s a fashion savvy girl to do? Here are 5 easy tips on how to wear cool and hot season trends, even if your weather does not really welcome them with open arms. So take a look at the tips, a set for each side: The Cool Kids & The Hot Girls.


For The Cool Kids

‘Tis the season to color outside of the lines and scribble scrabble away the greys and blacks in your everyday wardrobe. Stay snuggly and bring the feel of a tropical getaway home as you sip a blended fruity bevvy by the fireplace. This weather forecast calls for a different kind of heat.

Tip # 1: Go for a punchy color combo that would normally be seen on a swimsuit like ceylon blue & lemon yellow in winter friendly fabrics like wool & cashmere.

Tip # 2: Tan your legs a little brighter than your usual Bit of Honey color and wear bright colored tights.

Tip # 3: Instead of choosing blah blah basics, cheer up your dark neutral outfit with electric colored winter accessories like flamingo pink knit hat and sunkist orange belt.

Tip # 4: Make use of your frequent flyer miles and fly to the Colored Coat time zone. You will make everyone feel like they are watching the sunset.

Tip # 5: Who says being a bronzed bombshell is reserved for summer? Sweep a little bronzer over the places where the sun usually shines like your nose, forehead, and cheekbones.

For The Hot Girls

Time to look winter trend savvy even if the only snow you have is sprayed out of a can, or even better, in the form of cotton laid on a grass lawn for your holiday decorations. Hello Los Angeles!

Tip # 1: To mask the evening chill from the Santa Ana winds, try wearing a sweater jacket in a dark hue like navy, it’s heavy enough to warm your tush, but lightweight enough to not make you feel like you’re in a sauna.

Tip # 2: The boots-and-bare-legs coupling has never been such a hot commodity. An easy way to feel sexy and like you’re headed to the East Coast, even if it’s just the East Side of Sunset Blvd.

Tip # 3: An easy knit dresses worn with nothing layered over or under is a simple solution for those craving a winter fix, even as they drive with the convertible top down.   

Tip # 4: Faux or for-real, go for just a touch of fur like a smidget on a cute little trapper hat to get you in the let-it-snow mood. Leave the full on furs to the winter pros.

Tip # 5 : Be berry berry cool with a kissable glossy pout in a winter worthy color like Cranberry or Brickhouse.

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