Cuffs & Clutches For Day And Night

by Stacy Cox

My two favorite ways to add needed fuel to a blah outfit are cuffs and clutches. Accordingly, I have accumulating my fair share of these accessories in my closet. My obsession started at the prom in 1991 when my best friend wore the most glorious cuff bracelet and satin clutch handbag. I had a big old bush of flowers on my wrist and a black pleather purse that proved my years as a member of the fashionably challenged club weren’t behind me just yet. But on that night, I turned over a new leaf and cuffs and clutches have been a reliable staple for me since. Two more years until my high school reunion, and I assure you, I will be sophisticatedly attired and well accessorized while leaving the pleather to my car’s upholstery.


Cuffs and Clutches for Day

Cuffs and Clutches for Night

Jewels play a key role in the adorning a majority of cuff bracelets, thus making them a great way to dress up evening attire. Special details on clutches pair with all kinds of evening looks including pants and dresses.

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