Dress-a-tility: summer dresses that go from day to night

Dress-a-tility: Summer Style 24/7

by Stacy Cox


Summer is the season for spontaneity, you never know where any given day might take you! So, dressing with an open mind and selecting pieces that offer up versatility will save you time and ensure you’re able to bounce from beach to bar or office to a concert effortlessly! This is the core meaning behind my fashion slang dress-a-tility.

The arrival of summer signals an unofficial, unspoken, but well understood, “license to chill” regarding fashion’s road rules! So, if ever there was a time to don sequins to work, seize the day, ladies…the time is now! Just be strategic about how you approach it. Throw on a simple, subdued blazer over top while at work and shed this layer come quitting time when you’re head out to cocktails (take note: sequins to work and then out and about signals an item’s dress-a-tility quotient).

Essentials such as maxi and shift dresses you’ve hung on to from summers past will continue to serve an exceptionally versatile and useful role this season as there are very few pieces in our wardrobe that have the ability to take you from beach to work without batting an eyelash. Just ask yourself this key question: “If I was lounging at a pool and realized I forgot to finish something at work, could I quickly put on whatever clothes I wore over my swimsuit and dash somewhat unnoticed into my office?” If so, this outfit embodies dress-a-tility (so keep it forever!)

There’s also something I coined “the stash” that I want to clue you in on. “The stash” is a few pieces you keep “stashed” in a tote bag, car, or office desk drawer that you can call upon in a fashion emergency. So, yes, a maxi dress (which are mostly wrinkle free, you can roll into a ball and it still wears perfectly fine) could be one of these items along with a go-to scarf, jacket, tank top, fab pair of shoes, clutch, or statement necklace for example.

For some style inspiration, here are some pieces that offer miles of style, so nothing holds you back as your summer of fun begins to unfold:

When creating a look with dress-a-tility, stay away from flip flops as they won’t serve your needs once the sun goes down, no if you need to pop into work unexpectedly. Espadrilles offer up more range and versatility throughout your day. Then, stash a statement necklace and jacket in your bag which will up your look from summer casual to summer chic if the situation calls for it. Also, when shopping, pay attention to belts and sleeves; the addition of these two details can be useful to you and offer up more mileage from a particular look.

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