Dress To Hide Those Extra 5 Pounds – Trouble Zone: Tummy

By Daisy Lewellyn

Fa la la la la la…scrrrreeeeech! The world freezes. The holiday music dancing through your head suddenly comes to a halt as you glare down at the scale. You turn your head to the left, then to the right, bat your eyes a few extra times, and still the scale reads the same number: a not-so-festive five pounds more than your normal weight. It’s the harsh reality that many of us deal with, the Holiday Gain. So you enjoyed a few too many pieces of pumpkin pie (don’t worry we understand, it was homemade!) and you could not resist the eggnog, there’s no use crying over spilled milk left over from the holiday cookies you ate.

While you figure out the best way to lose those extra five, we’ve got a few no-sweat style cheats to help you hide pesky pounds instantly.

Trouble Zone: Tummy

If you seem to be sporting a little extra cushion in your pooch area, there are great ways to camouflage it. This look was an office staple for the Glamour magazine editors during my Conde Nast days. It’s Fashion Editor Certified!


We adore layering single-breasted blazers worn unbuttoned over fluid blouses and camis. Make sure that the blouse worn underneath is the same length as the blazer. Slightly longer blouses are also great for a friendly peek-a-boo effect. Structured classic blazers will work best in neutral shades, with your pop of color and/or print underneath. Don’t be afraid to go a size up on the blouse, since it is acting as your base for concealing the tummy. The jacket serves as extra comfort, and style. No worries if you decide to go a size up on the blouse, the blazer will tailor the shape of the top, preventing it from looking too large. Sometimes going a size up will actually make you look thinner! Here are a few blazer/blouse combinations to get you started (click on each item for purchasing info):


  • Stay away from thin fitted cotton or spandex tees and tanks, and clingy fabrics like thin jersey.
  • Avoid buttoning the jacket, for risk of revealing your pooch.
  • Avoid wearing belted military style jackets, they give you “double belly” and highlight your problem area.
  • Steer clear of cropped buttoned vests, they will be double trouble for your tummy.

Bonus Fashion Distraction: Wear fanciful oversized chandelier earrings or hoops to direct attention to your face, not your tummy.

Want more? Find out how to dress to hide your thighs, arms and rear.

  • http://thefashionablehousewife.com The Fashionable Housewife

    I actually lost 8 pounds over the holidays because I went on a diet and stuck with it!

  • http://www.flirtyfinds.com Beth

    Great ideas! Another way to smooth out tummy bulge (and the dreaded muffin top) is with a slimming tank called Yummie Tummie that can be worn as a layer under a fluid blouse or structured blazer. The top (from the breasts up) can be shown like a great t-shirt, and so can the bottom, which can be tucked in or worn out for a great layered look. The center panel is made of a really comfortable material that sucks you in and smooths you out. I wear one every day as a layering piece. They also eliminate any jean “malfunction” whether you wear it tucked into your jeans or out. Check out http://www.flirtyfinds.com for Yummie Tummies and other great fashion accessories and clothing. Enter coupon code FLIRTYBAKERY and receive an additional 10% off all items, include clearance items! Valid through January 16th.

  • http://www.flirtyfinds.com Beth

    Great ideas! Another way to smooth out tummy bulge (and the dreaded muffin top) is with a slimming tank by Yummie Tummie. Check out http://www.flirtyfinds.com for tanks that you can layer under a fluid blouse, structured blazer, sweater, t-shirt – anything! And the great thing about Yummie Tummies is that they are meant to be seen. The top and bottom of the tank are made from great t-shirt material cotton – can be worn tucked in or out for a cool layered look. The center section is a comfortable material that sucks you in and smooths you out. I wear one everyday as a layering piece and to avoid low rise jean malfunction too! Check out the before and after photos at http://www.flirtyfinds.com/yummie-tummies_c_38.html. FlirtyFinds also carries a great selection of accessories (including Big Buddha Bags – all on sale now!) and clothing with very affordable prices.

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