Editor picks: Style resolutions for 2014

Whether it’s taking more sartorial chances or being more selective in our purchases, our editors share their style resolutions for 2014.

“I just did a massively brutal closet clean-out, resulting in 4 huge garbage bags full of clothes being donated to charity. I resolve to only purchase quality, age-appropriate pieces that look great on me, and to not get sucked into trends that don’t work for me.” —Jennifer Davidson

“I always seem to go back to the same message when it comes to style: be yourself…find the trends that work for you and incorporate touches of them into your wardrobe but stay away from the ones that do not work for you.  Use fashion as an expression of who you are and have fun!  I hope to continue to invest in pieces that will work in my wardrobe and lifestyle and use accessories to update my look.  I also MUST clean out my closets — I need to let go of the emotional attachment to some of my clothes that I have not worn in years (this is a whole other issue).” —Beth Herbst

“I feel overwhelmed by my overstuffed closet. It really feels out of control. Although I cannot envision myself ever working down to just a capsule wardrobe, I resolve to buy quality over quantity and focus on pieces I really love versus a closet full of garments I merely like.” —Courtney Strimel

“My main resolution is to get creative by repurposing the clothes already stacked in my packed closet into a variety of fresh ensembles.” —Morgan Schimminger

“Embrace the freedom of mixing colors and patterns in ways I would have never thought to do before and experience the liberation that follows.” —Bronwyn Berger-Hughes

“Try a new trend every season. I definitely get stuck in a rut and ultimately end up wearing the same thing in different colors. This year, I’ll buy at least one new trend a season to spice it up.” —Christine Fox

“I’m so married to specific looks — sleek dresses and high heels, leggings and cozy sweaters, jeans and pretty blouses — that I think it’s time to break free and embrace some trends next year. Of course, I’ll do it on the cheap so that I can experiment without guilt!” —Tanya Sharma

“Wear heels more. I love my flats but in 2014, I vow to get taller a little bit more often!” —Anna Rice

“Quit wearing the same outfits over and over and mix things up a lot more with accessories! Oh and perhaps sacrifice comfort for style a teeny bit more (although this one will be tough).” —Elizabeth Mitchell

Now tell us, what are your style resolutions for 2014?

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