Editor picks: the best dressed celebrities of 2010

Now that the year is coming to a close, we’re taking a trip through 2010 to share the best and worst moments of the year. Here is our entirely subjective list of the best dressed celebrities of the year.


“To me, the best dressed celebrity of the year was Blake Lively. She’s not afraid to take chances with her clothes, has a strong sense of personal style and knows what looks good on her. The fact that she reportedly doesn’t use a stylist makes it even more impressive!”

– Jennifer Davidson, cofounder and managing director

“For the younger market, Selena Gomez looks great lately and I am always a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker. “

– Beth Herbst, cofounder and style director

“I loved almost everything Camilla Belle wore in 2010. She always looks feminine and sophisticated, yet she is still able to work the latest trends into her red carpet style.”

– Anna Rice, StyleBakeryTeen fashion and beauty editor

“I give it to Blake Lively for day looks and street style and Sarah Jessica Parker for red carpet glam. I am still dreaming about her neon sexy gown that she wore to the SATC premiere. I also adore Iman, she has mastered wearing age appropriate trends.”

– Daisy Lewellyn, style contributor and “queen of effortless chic”


“I’ve got to give it to my usual pick: Jennifer Aniston. Whether she’s sporting a to-die-for tweed D&G dress or keeping it ultra casual in jeans and sneakers, she manages to look polished every time. “

– Tanya Sharma, daily scoop editor

Blake Lively gets my vote for best dressed. She has fun with her wardrobe and manages to be fashion-forward without going too far.”

– Stephany McKnight, celebrity dish editor

“This may sound out of left field, but I have to represent StyleBakeryTeen! I loved Elle Fanning this year!”

– Andrea Thatcher, StyleBakeryTeen star style editor

“I really like Rachel Bilson‘s style. She continues to toe the line between comfortable and chic so well.”

– Jamie Allison Sanders, beauty editor

“The best dressed celebrity of 2010 was Carey Mulligan – she has such a quirky style and is so fresh and down to earth.”

– Haley Hogan, StyleBakeryTeen gossip editor

“Since I’m a mom, I can’t help but be in awe of celebrity moms that still always look flawless even with kids in tow. I admire Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow‘s classic, flirty style. They both always look great and effortless in boots, dresses or sweats.”

– Christine Fox, StyleBakeryMom style editor

Eva Mendes is always gorgeous. Whether she’s incorporating flirty and feminine or structure, her look is always right and always beautiful.”

– Courtney Strimel, StyleBakeryMom style editor

“There were a lot, in my opinion. Blake Lively and Lea Michele, though, were probably my favorites.”

– Arlyn Hernandez, beauty editor

“Loved Mrs. Obama and Kate Middleton‘s fashion statements lately, but in choosing just one individual, Freida Pinto stands out as continuously consistent. Fearless when it comes to wearing bright pretty colors, everything is always expertly tailored to elegantly fit her frame, reminding us that classic lines and designs never go out of style.”

– Stacy Cox, TV expert and style contributor

Tell us, who do you think was the best dressed celebrity of 2010?

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