Editor picks: the best fashion trends of 2012

Now that the year is coming to a close, we’re taking a trip through 2012 to share the best and worst moments. Here is our entirely subjective list of the best trends of the year.


Colored and printed skinny jeans were one of my favorite trends of the year, it was nice to get away from basic denim once in a while. I was also happy to see colorblocking continue as a top trend.” — Jennifer Davidson, cofounder and editor-in-chief

Leather everything! Whether it was on dresses, pants, shirts or leggings, a little leather was the thing to incorporate into your look. I also loved the collar necklaces and all the lace accents. “– Beth Herbst, cofounder and style editor

Peplum, leather and animal motifs were my favorite trends of the year.” — Anna Rice, StyleBakeryTeen fashion and beauty editor

“I applaud fashion designers for embracing one of the hottest colors of all eternity: oxblood. It conveys fall’s dramatic, moody feeling so well and is super easy to wear.” — Tanya Sharma, daily scoop editor

Riding boots remained popular but I liked seeing how the different brands got creative in their designs. Take for instance the Kelsi Dagger Jayna, which coincidentally found their way into my closet this year. With their capped heel and fun leather detailing, these are clearly not meant for the ranch!” — Bronwyn Berger-Hughes, beauty contributor

High-low hems, lots of leather, neon (duh) and the return of 90s grunge all top my list of favorite trends.” — Elizabeth Mitchell, StyleBakeryTeen star style editor

Oversized coats and capes — I always love big outerwear, so I’m loving the chicer take on it; Oxblood — I seriously love that color in all its iterations; Colorblocking — I just love being able to mix and match colors in new bold ways, it’s so much fun and a brand new way to look at your closet.” — Jamie Allison Sanders, beauty editor

Colored skinny jeans, sequins, and peplum silhouettes were three of my favorite trends.” — Christine Fox, StyleBakeryMom style editor

“You could easily say that I have a flair for the dramatic. Fall 2012 put me right in my element with its leather-accented apparel, baroque embellishments and (swoon) oxblood tones. The small, special touches made even casual days feel a little regal.” — Courtney Strimel, StyleBakeryMom style editor

“I was obsessed with peplums and cap-toe pumps this year.” — Morgan C. Schimminger, celebrity style editor

Tell us, what do you think was the best trend of 2012?

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