Editor picks: the worst fashion trends of 2010

Now that the year is coming to a close, we’re taking a trip through 2010 to share the best and worst moments of the year. Here is our entirely subjective list of the worst trends of the year.


“I didn’t get this season’s maxi skirt trend. Unless you’re built like a model, it’s pretty difficult to pull off this look without looking matronly. Yuck.”

– Jennifer Davidson, cofounder and managing director

“No question, harem pants were the worst trend.”

– Beth Herbst, cofounder and style director

“I’d have to say skinny cargo pants. They look fabulous on tall women with thin legs, but look incredibly unflattering on anyone else (including those of us who are 5’1″!)”

– Anna Rice, StyleBakeryTeen fashion and beauty editor

“Faux fur that looks faux, tattered, and similar to a mangled homeless dog. I can’t stand it.”

– Daisy Lewellyn, style contributor and “queen of effortless chic”

“I’ve seen some women pull them off with incredible flair, but fall’s long skirts do nothing for me, personally. They tend to overwhelm my petite frame and are a touch too conservative for my liking.”

– Tanya Sharma, daily scoop editor

“The graphic print pant trend was the worst style trend of the year. Rhianna was the only one who could pull that look off.”

– Stephany McKnight, celebrity dish editor

“There was some strange fringe happening in 2010 – I’m looking at you, Rachel Zoe”

– Andrea Thatcher, StyleBakeryTeen star style editor

“I just couldn’t get into the Southern-style mini florals. They’re a bit too sweet and syrupy for me!”

– Jamie Allison Sanders, beauty editor

“The worst style trend of 2010 was clogs, because they are really unflattering and dumpy.”

– Haley Hogan, StyleBakeryTeen gossip editor

“Harem pants should have been left in the 80s with MC Hammer, never to be seen again. No matter who’s wearing them, they make you look like you have cankles and chubby thighs — why do that to yourself?”

– Christine Fox, StyleBakeryMom style editor

“The open toe bootie. Honestly, I just don’t understand the appeal. So many drop-dead gorgeous boots are ruined with an open toe.”

– Courtney Strimel, StyleBakeryMom style editor

“I detested those cuffed sandals everyone was wearing (no offense if you owned a pair.) They were horribly unflattering, and yikes, I wish them farewell.”

– Arlyn Hernandez, beauty editor

“The one called ‘clothing optional’. For example, ‘forgetting’ to leave the house with pants on. Taylor Momsen, Lady Gaga, you so know I am talking to YOU!”

– Stacy Cox, TV expert and style contributor

Tell us, what do you think was the worst trend of 2010?

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