Editor picks: what's your holiday indulgence?

From chocolate and shopping to movies and massages, here’s how we’re treating ourselves this holiday season!


“My holiday indulgence is to see as many movies as possible during the week before New Year’s. I’ve even been known to see a double feature or two.”

– Jennifer Davidson, cofounder and managing director

“This year, I purchased a fabulous faux fur coat.”

– Beth Herbst, cofounder and style director

“Chocolate-covered strawberries from Godiva. After spending all day at the mall buying gifts for others, I like to reward myself!”

– Anna Rice, StyleBakeryTeen fashion and beauty editor

“I have a double daily fix of two things: A piece of fur incorporated into my outfit whether it be a fur vest, cropped jacket, or fur scarf; and a bite of a sea salt caramel drenched in dark chocolate from Saunders. The holidays make me crave more beauty rest too, so lots of extra sleep.”

– Daisy Lewellyn, style contributor and “queen of effortless chic”

“Anything with pumpkin!”

– Tanya Sharma, daily scoop editor

“A spa treatment to reward myself for surviving my new role as a mother.”

– Stephany McKnight, celebrity dish editor

“My Mom and I always have a spa day in December to relax and get ready for the holidays.”

– Andrea Thatcher, StyleBakeryTeen star style editor

“I always treat myself to a massage and facial around the holidays. I have to look and feel my best for all the holiday parties!”

– Jamie Allison Sanders, beauty editor

“I love making meringues with hot fudge sauce for Christmas dinner.”

– Haley Hogan, StyleBakeryTeen gossip editor

“I have the biggest sweet tooth, so it’s lots of candy and cookies for me.My holiday wish list included lots of stuff from Dylan’s Candy Bar.”

– Christine Fox, StyleBakeryMom style editor

“Chocolate. I am a card-carrying chocoholic. For obvious reasons, I don’t indulge that much the rest of the year. When December comes, it’s game on! “

– Courtney Strimel, StyleBakeryMom style editor

“EATING! I have an insanely difficult time saying no to baked goods, and holiday food. “

– Arlyn Hernandez, beauty editor

“At this vintage clothing store in my ‘hood, I unearthed a gently worn black Lanvin jersey dress for $200. My BlackBerry informed me the actual retail value was around $1000, thus the store’s price tag momentarily felt like they were giving it away for free (interesting how my brain works!) I’m wearing it to all my holiday special occasions this year and perhaps next year too!”

– Stacy Cox, TV expert and style contributor

Tell us, what’s your holiday indulgence?

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