Emmy Rossum: Style Star

Introducing Style Star with Daisy Lewellyn

Get acquainted with your favorite red carpet darlings and fashion moguls, with our new feature: Style Star. We’ll bring you news from the Grammys, Hollywood premieres, swanky parties, and more. Find out what you share in common with celebrities, from their must-haves and under $100 fashion picks to their personal tips on trends to try and those to steer clear of.

emmy-rossum.jpgOur first Style Star is the lovely Emmy Rossum, star of the Showtime series Shameless and Golden Globe nominee for the movie The Phantom of the Opera. We caught up with her at her party celebrating her cover of Gen Lux Magazine at the sophisticated In Add Minus boutique in the swanky area of Los Angeles, Century City.

Daisy Lewellyn: Emmy you look great, what are you wearing?

Emmy Rossum: Donna Karan shirt and ruffled skirt and a Chanel Bag.

DL: You always look really great in neutral palettes: light pinks, creams, and nudes. Do you choose those colors on purpose?

ER: I think I gravitate towards them. It reminds me of Sophia Loren, with her camel colored turtlenecks, really soft and feminine. I tend to gravitate towards that, but I don’t make a conscious decision, like I’m only going to go blush for the season.

DL: What spring trends are you looking forward to?

ER: Every Spring, I always feel florals. This Spring I’m feeling less light florals, more like poppy florals, blacks, and pinks, a little edgier. And I’m always feeling ruffles. I’m feeling them tonight!

DL: Your skin is like porcelain. Can you share a few of your insider beauty secrets?

ER: I do moisturize at night. I like Arcona, they are based out of Santa Monica, and I like the Kiehl’s regular day moisturizer.

DL: Are you a lipstick lady or a lipgloss gal?

ER: Lipstick, for sure. Because the gloss gets stuck in my hair and then you get the line.

DL: One of our readers, Leslie from Virginia, would like to know if you have any advice on how she can come out of her shell this spring?

ER: A really bright lip is always fun. It doesn’t require too much money or too much commitment. You can always wipe it off. A bright pink or a bright red, something that will take you out of your comfort zone.

DL: Do you like to Bargain shop?

ER: I shop at this mall all of the time (Westfield Century City). I like Forever 21, and I LOVE Zara, and they love leopard.

Here are a few of Emmy Rossum’s favorite things:   

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