Fashion and Beauty Predictions for 2010

The StyleBakery editors share their predictions for 2010.


“In 2010, there will be something for everyone as designers strive to please retailers and consumers. Clothes will be ultra wearable with an emphasis on denim and neutrals mixed with prints and color.”

– Jennifer Davidson, cofounder and style director

“For 2010 I think it’s going to be about individuality – anything goes and wear what works for you.”

– Beth Herbst, cofounder and style director

“More mix and match florals prints from designers like Dolce & Gabanna, YSL and Ralph Lauren and tons of shimmery details with makeup.”

– Stacy Cox, TV expert and style contributor

“My beauty prediction for 2010 is feminine and glamorous– to offset what i think will be a more edgy fashion year.”

– Monique Hankins, beauty editor

“For 2010, we’re going to see a lot of white, a lot of peplum waists, chic denim shorts, and bandeaus.”

– Anna Rice, fashion and beauty editor

“My fashion predicition for 2010 is that we are going to see both neutral and pastel colored apparel in classic silhouettes.”

– Stephany McKnight, celebrity style editor

“I see comfort, stylish and well-designed pieces being key for the new year – a sort of Rihanna meets Michelle Obama way to shop. There were many comfortable dresses with detailing or draping, belted shorts made from sweatpants material and sexy trousers on the runways for Spring 2010 that I’m excited to embrace.”

– Ishra Sharif, gossip editor

“Bold patterns galore will continue to rule the runways and street style, and an “anything goes” mentality will make just about any combination fair game. From abstract to animal, there will be plenty of brazen prints to mix, match and contrast!”

– Tanya Sharma, Daily Scoop and Tempting Treat editor

“Unfortunately, there were a lot of neutrals on the spring runways, of which I am not a fan. Designer are playing it safe because buyers are playing it safe. They’re creating collections full of versatile basics which are great for what they are, but not something I personally get excited about.”

– Andrea Thatcher, celebrity style editor

“Skin Is In! Miniskirts, minidresses, cutout booties, even the half tops seen on celebs are all celebrating skin. You choose your area of choice to sport the skin, but be sure to exfoliate and moisturize well for a glow like never before. The minidress paired with a bare leg gets my vote, and for the slighlty conservative, sport more of your décolleté instead.”

– Daisy Lewellyn, style contributor

What do YOU predict will be the hottest fashion and beauty trends for 2010? Leave a comment below…

  • Safika Erselcuk

    This year I see a lot of creative layering happening. Take a sweater or jacket and turn it upside down for a new edgy silhouette. Pile on scarves, shawls and ponchos to add “oomph” to existing pieces.

    Safari and ethnic looks will continue to be popular. There were so many neutral colors shown on the runway for spring that will be important to add color and personality to these pieces. To liven up these classic clothes, always wear a signature piece, whether a chunky ring, scarf from Tibet or Afghani hat and become your own Tina Chow.

    Novelty oversize sweater dressing will be even bigger this year. Think Forenza in the 80’s. This is a great excuse to wear all kind of colored tights and leggings with the sweater dresses and large chunky knits.

    Sequins will continue to shine in the new year. Whether on a cut-out embellished T-shirt, long skinny scarf or multi-colored graphic body-con dress; they will be popular for day and night.

    Lace a la Madonna in her Like a Virgin phase will be worn in everything from fitted T’s to sheer full lace blazers. Stock up on inexpensive pieces from Forever 21, Topshop and Ebay.

    Neon in the form of body hugging dressing will continue to rage. Prints will come in Keith Haring like graphics. Look up Body Glove on Ebay now! To update the look, wear these pieces with oversize sweaters, blazers or statement jewelry.

    Some things I love currently are: pants of every style from jodhpurs, paper bag waist shorts to romantic baggy cropped styles. I will make the switch from the dress to the pant this year. I am also obsessed with Kenzo style floral tops, lace up granny boots and ethnic Andean style ponchos to be worn with baggy khaki shorts and flat lace up sandals.

    Remember the best style is confidence, so go forth and be your own fashion icon. Happy 2010!

  • Melissa Tyler

    Wow it really is a fun way to dress. I just wish I could get out of the office and enjoy wearing these clothes.

    Though I have enjoyed the thigh high boots this fall and winter.

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