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The Chic Traveler vs. The P.A.G.G. (Pack & Go Girl)

by Stacy Cox

Lately I have been flying the friendly skies, logging frequent flyer miles for work-related assignments. My travels have led me to make an enlightened observation: there are two types of travelers. In fact, the Burbank airport posted signs at their TSA security check point that validate my point of view:


Type 1: I call the “Stylish Set” (TSA refers to them as the “Expert Traveler”)

These folks have luggage that matches, wear shoes that offer easy-off access, their liquids are stored in an attractive clear bag, they always have a chic scarf draped casually around their necks, and sport a rockin’ tote bag.

Type 2: I call the “Pack & Go” group (TSA refers to them as the “Casual Traveler”)

This is my travel class; I’m an admitted P.A.G.G. (Pack and Go Girl). Symptoms include, but are not limited to: wearing complicated, yet stylish, shoes that take forever to undo and remove, liquids crammed into a zip lock that sprung a leak while hair conditioner is oozing everywhere and onto everything, a bottle of unfinished water that has to be confiscated because we simply forgot (I’ve forgotten 6 times in the past 2 months), and a travel tote that is actually a recycle/reuse shopping bag (eco friendly, yes; stylish, not so much). Thus, the overall vibe we give off = DISHEVELED!

So, I think it’s time to upgrade my airport appearance and invest in a few items that will qualify me as a stylish traveler. On my shopping list: a great throw blanket, foldable ballet flats and a sturdy but chic tote bag. Here are some first-class acquisitions to help make the next journey comfortable, organized and well accessorized:


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